Medicare Supplement Plan G 2019

Plan G ranks at the high end of coverage for Medicare supplement plans. It offers quite a few benefits as well, and many savvy shoppers opt for it over other more popular plans. Read on to find out more about Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2019 and if it is right for you.

The Plan’s Benefits

Plan G will provide most people with ample coverage for their medical expenses. Where Medicare leaves you to pay excess charges on Part B of its coverage, Supplement Plan G takes care of any excess charges. It also covers all the co-payments you would normally have to pay with Medicare. Those can add up, especially over repeated doctor’s visits.

In addition, Plan G gives you coverage for foreign medical emergencies.. This comes in handy if you have to be taken to a medical facility outside the US for treatment due to an emergency.

Plan G also covers three more pints of blood each year and extended hospital stays (up to 365 days after Medicare stops covering you). If your stay includes nursing care, the plan will cover that for you too.

What it won’t cover is a single deductible from Medicare Part B. That deductible costs $183 per year (2017). This amount changes a few dollars every year or so. For most people, this small cost is not enough to warrant opting for a greater coverage plan like Plan F.


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Saving Money with Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2019, while somewhat costly, is a good way to save money over the more expensive Plan F. Plan F has higher premiums, and the only difference in coverage is that it covers that aforementioned Medicare Part B deductible.

That cost is usually less than what you will pay for Plan F as opposed to plan G, especially if you find an insurance provider with reasonable rates. And while Plan N is cheaper, is can leave you with some very expeoniev excess charges.

Those are charges that Plan G covers for you. They include such expenditures as in-hospital tests like x-rays, CAT scans and more. Medicare will only cover some of those, and they are some of the most expensive medical bills you can accrue. Thankfully, Plan G will have you covered there.

And you really don’t have to pay a lot for this plan. It is an economical choice for people who don’t need or cannot afford Plan F. If you are looking to save money, then it is a good idea to compare the annual costs between plans. In many cases, you will find that Plan G is far cheaper than Plan G.

Are you wondering if this plan is right for you? Consider both your budget and your physical condition. These are both necessary for determining the best plans for you. What is ideal for one person may not be suitable for another. So take your time in choosing a plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2019 is ideal for people who have some serious medical conditions and who visit the hospital several times a year. Their costs are mostly covered by this plan, leaving them to only pay the Part B deductible and their annual premiums. And if you shop around, those premiums don’t have to be too expensive.