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This learning center helps answer some of the most popular questions when it comes to Medicare Supplement Plans. Of course we’re always here to help as well! If you don’t see your question then just give us a call and one of our trained agents can easily help you.


1. What are the Best Medicare Supplement plans for 2019?

2. Which company has the lowest premiums?

3. I’m healthy. Which plan might be best for me?

4. What’s the difference between a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medigap Plan?

5. Can I change plans at any time during the year?


What are the Best Medicare Supplement plans for 2019?

It’s impossible to say which plan is “best” for you in 2019. Everyone has different needs, health conditions, and budget. You should first decide which plans fit your needs benefits-wise. You don’t want to skimp on health care and you need to make sure you’re covered. If you like to have all your bills paid for example, then a Medicare supplement Plan F would be your best choice. If every dollar counts and you need to save as much money as possible, then a Plan G or Plan N might be better. Use our quote engine at the top of the page to compare Medicare supplement plans in 2019¬†and then decide what fits your needs the best. Or just call us, we make it easy!


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Which company has the lowest premiums?
Medicare supplement insurance companies all have the same benefits when it comes each plan letter and coverage. That being said however, they all have different monthly premiums. These are based on age, gender, tobacco use, and zip code. Because each part of the country (and even different parts of the same state) vary widely in risk factors and health claim costs, it’s difficult to say which carrier has the lowest premiums without obtaining certain information. Enter your zip code above and you can see in just a few minutes who has some of the lowest premiums in your area. We don’t mislead you by saying you’ll get quotes and then tell you an agent will call you with them, leaving you with nothing! You will actually see quotes when you enter your information.


I’m healthy. Which plan might be best for me?
While your current health status should be taken into consideration when choosing a plan letter, you should also take into account future events and ask yourself which plan is best. For example, Medigap Plan N has lower premiums than both F and G, but there are some out-of-pocket costs such as co-payments or Part B excess charges that you might run into. Some people, even if they’re healthy, don’t want to have to deal with random expenses that could come up. Therefore you should decide if you want to get all of your bills paid 100 percent (Plan F), have one small annual deductible of around $150 (Plan G) and then 100 percent coverage, or pay even lower premiums and possibly have some co-payments (Plan N).
What’s the difference between a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medigap Plan?
With Medicare advantage plans you enroll in a private insurance company’s plan. These are either HMO’s, PPO’s, or private fee for service plans. You then are required to see doctor’s within the plan’s network in order to get coverage. You’ll need referrals for specialist visits and there could be many other out of pocket costs. With a Medigap Plan you can visit any doctor or specialist in the country that accepts Medicare, and you know with something like a Plan F that your approved medical expenses will be paid 100 percent.


Can I change plans at any time during the year?
If you currently have a Medigap plan then Yes! You can absolutely change plans anytime during the year and you do not have to wait until the annual enrollment period in October. If you have a Medicare advantage plan that you are trying out for the very first time and you are within your first 12 months of enrolling in the plan, you may return to original Medicare and enroll in a Medigap plan at anytime during the year. If you are outside the first 12 months of having an advantage plan then you must wait until the annual enrollment period.

Keep in mind that if you are changing Medigap plans and you are outside your 6 month open enrollment period then in most states you are required to go through medical underwriting for your new policy. This consists of answering questions on the new company’s application. Some states offer a “guaranteed issue” period on the applicant’s birthday where they may apply and get approved regardless of pre-existing health conditions.