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With ever increasing numbers of people turning 65 and needing Medicare health care benefits, the choices are numerous. Is a Medicare Supplement plan the best option, or perhaps a Medicare advantage plan? Several people have turned to supplemental insurance for Medicare Part A and Part B and have been extremely happy with their coverage. We’ll help you to compare Medicare Supplement Plans in 2019 so you can choose the best coverage to fit your needs, as well as not overpay for it.

Why Get a Medicare Supplement in 2019 ?

Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) has great coverage for things like hospital stays as well as doctors bills. It doesn’t cover everything however, leaving many expenses that people on Medicare must pay themselves. These expenses are called “gaps”.

These include things like a Part A hospital deductible. For example if you are admitted into the hospital you will need to pay a $1216 deductible for what is called a “benefit period”. This means if you leave the hospital for 60 days or more, then are admitted again in the same year you must pay this deductible again. Also if you stay beyond 60 days in the hospital you are responsible for coinsurance which gets very expensive each day.

As well, you must pay a Part B deductible prior to Medicare paying any of your doctor’s bills. Medicare then pays 80% of your bills and you are responsible for the other 20 percent.

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Enrolling in Medicare Supplement Plans in 2019

Contrary to what most people think, you actually may enroll or switch Medicare Supplement plans at any time during the year. This applies if you already have a supplement plan in place. If you are wanting to drop your Medicare Advantage plan they in most cases you will likely have to wait until what is called the Annual Enrollment period. This period begins on October 15th and lasts until December 7th. During this time you can change from an Advantage plan back to Original Medicare and a supplement, or vice versa. You also can change your Part D drug plan during this time period. All changes during the annual enrollment period go into effect on January 1st of the following year.

Top Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

While there really isn’t one best plan for everyone when it comes to supplement insurance, there are some popular plans that many people enroll in. These Plans are F, G, and Medigap Plan N.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

  • Covers 100 percent of the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Visit any doctor, specialist, or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare
  • All Medicare-approved expenses are covered in full
  • No Co-pays, no deductibles to pay, and no coinsurance
  • Medicare’s most comprehensive plan offered, but also the highest premium


Medicare Supplement Plan G

  • Identical to Plan F except you must pay the annual Part B deductible yourself before Medicare begins paying ($147 in 2014)
  • Once this deductible is paid Plan G pays 100 percent, just as Plan F does
  • Lower premiums than Plan F, often resulting in saving money

Medicare Supplement Plan N

  • You must still pay the Part B deductible each year on Plan N
  • After this is met you might have up to a $20 co-payment each doctor or specialist visit
  • If you visit the ER there and they do not admit you in, there is a $50 co-payment at that time
  • Plan N does not cover Part B excess charges

Rates to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in 2019

With so many choices in companies to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming when it comes to selecting one. We’re here to help. Our online FREE quoting engine allows you to compare Medicare supplement plans in 2019 for your area, as well as get quotes from some of the top companies.

The important thing to remember is that each company has the exact same benefits for each plan letter. Therefore an Aetna Plan G is identical to a United Healthcare Plan G. You can, however, pay substantially more depending on which company you choose. All for the exact same coverage!

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